Subject: Request - University Jaume I License.
From: Paul Santapau <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 09:50:54 +0200

Dear license reviewrs, 

  I would like you to consider that formal request to review the license
  pasted below in order to OSI inclusion. 
  I have been thinking about the proliferation category it will fit but 
  I am still having some doubts, I suppose the correct category will be 
  one of "Special purpose licenses" or  "Other/Miscellaneous licenses".

  I'm also have a doubt with the point 1 of the Open Source Definition when 
  it states that 

    "shall not restrict any party from selling or giving away the software 
      as a component"

 I have also doubts if our license meets this requirement or not as far as 
 sending an email or ask for permission can not be seen as a restriction.

I will be very thank for any feedback on that.

Thank you very much.
Yours faithfully, 

                           Non comercial 
                University Jaume I License. 

1. This program can be executed by the end user 
    without any restriction.

2. Anyone is authorized for copy or modify the program
   with non comercial purposes by any means with the
   only limitation of  keeping on each copy a mention to 
   the author of the program and an exact copy of these 
   license conditions and the disclaimer of the warranty. 

3. Any software modification must be reported to the author
    through an e-mail for the correct software  monitoring.

4. Copying, usage or distribution of this software implies 
    the acceptance of this conditions.

5. Any kind of distribution of this software for commercial
    use,  must be expressly authorized by the author.

6. Copying and distribution of this software, implies the 
    aplicance of the present conditions to the recipient.
    The distributor cannot stablish additional conditions that
    limit in any way the ones stated here.

Disclaimer of Warranty.
This program is distributed for free. The author, neither offers
any warranty on this software nor accept any responsibility for
its use or inability to use it.