Subject: Re: Question and review (Was: Re: Request - University Jaume I License.)
From: Paul Santapau <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 09:20:20 +0200

 Wed, 4 Jun 2008 09:20:20 +0200
El Tuesday 03 June 2008 19:25:18 escribió:
> Paul Santapau writes:
>  > That license we use for Open Source asks the modifier or
>  > redistributer of the code for an e-mail notification, the
>  > motivation of this notification is to keep the track on the
>  > software in order to recontribute to the comunity and the open
>  > knowledge.
> What if you never receive the email, because, say, I have redirected
> all email to into the bit-bucket?  I've sent you the email, but
> I'm not responsible for you receiving it.

As Bruce explains regarding Apple's license, our demand will be a kind of, 
because in a legal procedure the one who supposedly violated the license 
would have to demonstrate, he sent an e-mail, that will be enough despite 
of the fact the mail arrived or not.

> This is not a good idea.  Much better to include in the README a
> request to send back modifications for incorporation into the code
> base.

But by this way the attempt of the notification will not be "by license" and,
in my opinion, people will by-pass it. don't you think so?